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MAGGIE LEVINE is a teacher and writer who has always worked at the intersection of writing, art, and the creative process.

After studying English and art history at Barnard College, Maggie received an MFA in fiction from the University of Arizona. Her career includes 25 years of teaching English; writing wall text for art exhibitions; creating a writing-based curriculum for the Art Institute of Chicago; managing the estate of the artist Thor Rinden, and editing the collection, Thor Rinden: Holiday Cards 1962-2009.

In 2020, Maggie launched ArtWrite, a newsletter and social platform that explores the parallels between art and writing. Since its inception, ArtWrite’s blend of personal narrative and interviews with artists has built an international following of artists, writers, and art lovers. 

Maggie grew up in Brooklyn and lived in Los Angeles from 2017-2022.  Now living in Kent, Connecticut, she's looking forward to writing about local artists. 

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