• Maggie Levine

ArtWrite 8/22: Andrew Zarou

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

On Sundays, Joely’s family went on day trips because once the car was moving and Robbie had the map in his hands, he could remain content for hours. Hank listened to the news and said nothing, and Dory would stare out the window, relishing the peace. Joely would read the whole time. She never asked to see the map or help navigate because she knew better.

“The next exit is Prairie Grove,” Robbie would pronounce. Moments later, the car would zoom past the sign that confirmed it, and Robbie’s eyes would return to his finger pressed against the page until it was time to declare the next exit.

Joely’s mother would always say, “Maps are ways of organizing wonder,” but that made no sense to Robbie. He loved them because they embodied certainty. They never died or showed up late or said no to him.

--Maggie Levine


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