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ArtWrite 10/17: Edie Fake (see 10/23 post as well)

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Every time Joely was in the Loop and walked by the Chicago and the Oriental theaters, she wondered how it was possible to long for an experience she’d never had. She’d always loved the escapist aspect of going to a movie, even if it meant driving to to a massive, suburban Cineplex or taking endless escalators to get to the theaters stacked in the high rise on Ohio Street.

But escape would have taken on a whole new meaning in a movie palace, spaces that were designed to make average people feel like royalty. No waiting for the trailers to begin. The moment she stepped into the lobby with its grand staircases and tiered chandeliers, she would have felt transported to an opulent other-world.

Now she hardly ever went to the movies. She’d rent one and watch on the couch, distracted by the paperwork on her desk or the dust bunnies under the bookshelf.

Note: to see writing about another piece from Edie Fake's Memory Palaces series, go to 10/23 post

Gateway (for Mark Aguhar)

(Palace Door - calloutqueen)


ballpoint pen, ink and gouache on paper

17 x 14

for other images in series


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