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ArtWrite: 9/12/20 Katie Kirk

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The stalks of the fortnight lilies were beginning to topple. Dory had been neglecting the garden and was going to have to go to Millen’s to buy more stakes.  Using her hand, she shielded her eyes from the sun and took stock of her yard.  Some plants were established and required little tending, but the hydrangea vines were dangling and needed a little boost before they'd be able to climb the trellis on their own.  

The dogwood was in full bloom, each blossom open to four petals, and each petal nipped at the edge like someone had taken a tiny bite. Most years, the dogwood would be home to at least one nest. Usually cardinals.

Dory had never forgotten her mother explaining how the male and female worked as a team. The male brings leaves or stems to the female who builds the nest. Once the eggs hatch, the babies are flying in 2-3 weeks. That still amazed her. Just 2-3 weeks and then they're launched.

This was why the garden unsettled her.  As beautiful as it was, it was also a constant reminder of how nature --  life, actually -- could be painfully predictable and unpredictable. In a few years, Joely would be launched. But what about Robbie? It was impossible to imagine him ever leaving home. And when she and Hank were gone. How would Joely manage?



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