• Maggie Levine

ArtWrite 9/15/20: Eileen Cooper

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

At Ravinia, Joley couldn’t stop staring at the man and woman a few picnic blankets away. They both seemed to have unnaturally long limbs that maximized the possibilities for their bodies to touch. 

He stood behind her, his stomach pressed against her back with her head nestled under his chin. She must have done yoga because she managed to extend one arm up and all the way around the back of his neck so her hand rested on his shoulder. On the other side of their entwined bodies, their connection was more relaxed. Her forearm lay below her breasts with his palm resting over her wrist. They stayed like this as they listened to the concert as if determined to be one.

Joley was sure they were a couple until she went to get a drink at the bar.  Once she got closer to them, she realized they had to be siblings, maybe even twins. They shared the same angular bone structure, pointed chins, and deep-set chestnut eyes.  His hair was short, hers long and tucked behind ears that matched the shape of his. Never before had she seen siblings express intimacy in a way that was so physical and pure.



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