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ArtWrite 9/18: Bea Denton

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

For this ArtWrite, I was inspired by the image as well as the artist’s statement on her Instagram profile: “Bea Denton: Visual artist based in London, exploring ideas around faith and ritual; death, loss memory and remembrance. On Earth As It Is…”

It had been a dozen years since Teresa died. Now that Rosetta was old enough to get married, she understood why her parents had spent those years tacitly rewriting the story of her eldest sister’s death. If Lina and Corrado didn’t cling to their inventions, they would have to face what had almost torn them apart once before.

At 19, Lina had been unable to compete with her husband’s passion for the American dream. She begged Corrado to stay in Pacentro with its narrow stone-paved alleys and the white stone of facade of Santa Maria Maggiore.

But Corrado was tired of being a laborer, a contadini. In America, he could be something bigger. With Teresa in her arms and another baby on the way, Lina conceded. What choice did she have?

Rosetta had witnessed her parents putting the fate of their marriage in memory’s supple hands. As the years unspooled, memory provided Lina and Corrado with more and more thread to embellish the stories they told about Teresa. The more they obscured the past, the easier it was for them to live in the present.

But memory stood her ground with Lina and Corrado’s youngest daughter. She understood that for Rosetta Di Mauro, survival would depend on truth and clarity.



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