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ArtWrite 8/1: Becky Lewis

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

The Inspirational Vines



Ashley was in her painting room and was really struggling on what she wanted to paint next. She looked at her collection of paintings she’d done, each unique but she wanted to find something as unique as the others; she wanted fresh inspiration.

The next morning she decided to go to the jungle to look for inspiration. She called her friend Hugo who was making a jungle tour business and asked him for access to the jungle. He said he couldn’t let her go alone so he came with her. When she arrived she felt inspired but still didn’t know what to paint. She would know it when she saw it but didn’t see it.

Hugo was a jungle expert so he showed her all around the jungle. Ashley even got to taste new exotic fruits. One that she thought was interesting felt like a turtle’s back, and it tasted like crunchy pineapple. Her favorite was called the pinpaden which tasted like a sweet and sour marshmallow.

Then she heard a bird crying as if it were injured. It sounded like a broken whistle. They rushed to the rescue.

It turns out the bird was stuck in some beautiful vines. Hugo picked up the bird to calm it down. Ashley touched it with one finger to help calm it down. She could feel the bird’s fear; it was shaking so much that it felt like a wobbly rock. Once it calmed down, Hugo went to go find its nest, so Ashley stayed til he came back.

All of sudden she smelled the scent of lavender and lemon. It was amazing. It was coming from the vines. She took a closer look at the vines and found her painting.

After that day, she went to the jungle every week from 7AM to 7PM. At first she thought she made a mistake with her light red pastel because it didn’t match up with the rest of the painting, but along the way, this mistake became the special thing about the painting.

It took her a while, but when she finished, it was prettier than ever. Finally, she added a note to the drawing that said, “ the prettiest pictures can be the toughest traps.”

She put it on her wall of art and continued to look for inspiration for her next work of art.

Dora put two baskets in front of the twins. Eager to fill the white butcher paper taped to the dining table, Joely pawed at the oversized Crayolas until her chubby fingers seized a red one. As soon as she began to scribble, her brother started keening like a wounded animal. Dora was baffled, but Robbie couldn’t explain that the waxy skidding sound of the crayon felt like sandpaper grinding against his brain.

-- Maggie Levine


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